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Amitec Electronics Ltd. is one of India’s premier manufacturers of Educational training systems and Test and Measurement equipment. The company’s didactic product line includes Software Defined Radio Lab, Microstrip Lab, Mobile Communication Lab, Advanced Wireless Lab, MIMO, RADAR Lab, Antenna Lab, Radar Cross Section Lab, Satellite Communication Lab, Microwave Waveguide Bench, Transmission Line trainers, EMI-EMC etc. Test and Measurement equipment include Vector Signal Generator, Vector Signal Analyzer, Microwave Power Meters, Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzers. 

Guided by the mission “to innovate technology”, the company has design and manufacturing experience of over 20 years. By exporting to over 40 countries such as USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, Finland, Poland, Greece, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Brunei among others and having installations at thousands of education and defence institutes, the company has set a new benchmark in designing innovative products and executing after sales services across the globe. 

We have developed a deep knowledge of RF-microwave, analog, digital and mixed-signal technology, from the device level to the design and assembly of complete subsystems. We believe that the combination of our proprietary designs, and our broad in-house engineering, assembly, and test capabilities provides us with a competitive advantage and enables us to deliver high performance, high value products to our customers. 

The company has offices in New Delhi, India & Hong Kong and resellers in most countries. All our products are designed and developed in house and tested for quality in our well equipped laboratories. Since frequency is axis that makes the world go around-all the products have model numbers describing their maximum frequency of operation for mnemonic. 


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All Amitec Products are CE, UL, FCC compliant and work on 100-240V, 50-60Hz  standard wall outlets worldwide.

  New Products

  • Software Defined Radio Lab SDR04
  • 2.5G Mobile Communication Lab MCL02
  • Vector Communication Lab VCL04
  • Analog Digital Communication Lab ADC04
  • 4G LTE Mobile Communication Lab MCL04

  Recent News

  • Completes MATLAB Interface for SDR04
  • IITD sets up 2 Nos. SDR Lab SDR04
  • Amitec delivers Antenna Training Lab ATS04 & Transmission Line Training Lab TLT04 to Armed forces of Norway
  • University of Lisbon sets up 8 Nos. Microwave Lab MWL10
  • Wadia College Pune sets up Center of Excellence for SDR.

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